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foosic is a script for amaroK Music Diary

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 3K
Developer: foosic
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foosic is a script for amaroK Music Diary. foosic project is an automated music database and a playback statistics tracking system. While you listen to your music, the foosic client submits information about which songs you play. Together with the submissions from other users, we can gather a complete database about currently existing albums, artists, compilations, etc..., as well as information about what is popular and what is not.

You can see your own statistics, and, if you allow it, let your friends see what you are listening to and what you like.

You can browse the database on this site and discover new artists or albums that you didn't know about before."

Based on the protocol description I created a ruby script for amaroK so I can update my statistics also from my Linux box.

The script was tested with ruby version 1.8.3 and amaroK 1.3.8. The script depends on Korundum for the config panel.

You can use the amaroK Script manager to install the script.

As I'm no expert neither in ruby nor in Qt, if anyone feels corrections should be made to the script, please tell me so or correct the mistake yourself.

I probably won't add new features unless I'm *really* bored. Or they are useful *and* easy to implement.

Oh, and I'm not related in any way to the original foosic developers.


What's New in This Release:
fixed reading username for context menu (now works even before first submission)

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