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FootieFox is a Firefox extension shows soccer scores for today's matches of many European leagues - live and almost instantly

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Developer: Boris Ruf
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FootieFox is a Firefox extension shows soccer scores for today's matches of many European leagues - live and almost instantly. No matter what you're occupied with at your computer, FootieFox informs you about current matches and every goal scored.

Here are some key features of "FootieFox":
display of current soccer scores in your status bar
all matches at a glance on the customizable score board
support of more than 18 European leagues plus many international championships
visual and acoustic notification when goals are scored
kick-off times in local time, world cup teams in local language

Small but big

FootieFox is tiny. (Some even say it's cute!) This is definitely true in terms of the program's size and appearence: The Add-on integrates smoothly in the status bar of your Firefox browser. A nonintrusive panel on the status bar displays two little flags and the score - that's about it! However, the service of keeping you up to date with the latest soccer scores is extremely useful.
We carefully designed FootieFox to be a small, unintrusive but very efficient tool. This was our goal from the very beginnning.

Keep track on a busy matchday

For each league you are interested in you are provided with a score board which contains current and recent matches. It's left to your personal preference what elements you want to be displayed on this board to get the quickest overview possible.

European leagues for soccer fans world wide

Our list of available leagues grows constantly. Right now, we offer leagues from the following countries:


And yes, we support the World Cup!

If your country happens to be not amongst the above, please stay tuned. Hopefully we will be able to add it in the near future.

You work, we entertain you

From now on, you no longer need to frequent live ticker pages and refresh them regularily to keep up with your favorite league. You can stay focused on your work, FootieFox will let you know when your team scores! When a goal is scored an alert slider pops up which indicates the scoring team. Additionally, an audible alert can be played. As long as your Firefox browser is running, this works whatever else you might be doing. Even if it's watching a DVD.

Firefox 1.5 - 1.5.0.* ALL

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