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FreePOPs is a POP3 daemon plus a LUA interpreter and some extra libraries for HTTP and HTML parsing

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Enrico Tassi
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FreePOPs is a POP3 daemon plus a LUA interpreter and some extra libraries for HTTP and HTML parsing. FreePOPs's main purpose is translating local POP3 requests to remote HTTP actions on the supported web-mails, but it is really more flexible.

For example there is a plugin to read news from a website as if they were mails in a mailbox. You can easily extend FreePOPs on the fly, without even restarting it. You can add a plugin or modify an existing one simply changing the script file since the plugins are written in LUA and are interpreted on the fly.

Here are some key features of "FreePOPs":

FreePOPs can be useful in some situations, here we give the most obvious ones:

You are behind a firewall that closes the 110 port but you need to read your mail and the web-mail of your mail provider sucks.
Your mail provider does not allow you to access your mailbox with POP3 protocol, but only through the web-mail service.
You prefer looking at your mailbox instead of browsing some websites news.
You have to develop a pop3 server in less than a week and you want it to be reasonably fast and not so memory consuming.
You are not a C hacker, but you want to benefit from a fast POP3 server frontend written in C and you want not to loose a month in writing the backend in C. LUA is a really simple and tiny language, one week is enough to learn it in a way that allows you to use it productively.


FreePOPs is the only software we know with these features:

POP3 server RFC compliant (not full featured but compliant).
Portable (written in C and LUA that is written in C, so everything is written in the most portable language around the world).
Small (in the sense of resources usage) and reasonably fast.
Extremely extensible on the fly using a simple and power ful language.
Pretty documented.
Released under the GNU/GPL license (this means FreePOPs is Free Software).

What's New in This Release:
es, fr: more work on patches (gareuselesinge)
juno.lua: Fixed an issue where the server url once logged in wasn't being correctly identified. (russell822)
mailcom.lua: Added handling for (russell822)
mailcom.lua: Added support for (russell822)
hotmail.lua: Reinstated the 0.1.5f functionality, plus added support in the live accounts for the folder name of Junk to always resolve to the junk e-mail folder. (russell822)
hotmail.lua: If the folder was set to Live mail's junk folder, mail wasn't being picked up. (russell822)
tin.lua: remove trailing spaces and correctly show special characters from plaintext messages. (alessiofender)
hotmail.lua: Merged the MSN fix into the hotmail fix. (russell822)
gmail.lua: A fix for the login change by Gmail. Submitted by Jbobowski, (russell822)
libero.lua: Updated webmail server addresses (alessiofender)
yahoo.lua: Fix for a nil pointer problem with the beta of yahoo. (russell822)
libero.lua: Updated the version number (alessiofender)
hotmail.lua: Reverting Hotmail back to 0.1.5e so that it works with msn and live hotmail. (russell822)
tin.lua: fixed encoding problems (alessiofender)
yahoo.lua: Previous checkin was broken. (russell822)
mailcom.lua: The modification forces the session to logout and clear every 4 hours. (russell822)
mailcom.lua: Reaction to changes of the header format on the website. (russell822)
tin.lua: Correctly handle plain text messages (alessiofender)
hotmail.lua: Updated the login function to work through (russell822)
mailcom.lua: An attempt to fix the session expired problem. (russell822)
aol.lua: Reaction to changes in the login process by AOL/AIM. (russell822)
hotmail.lua: Another change to adapt to hotmail's login page change. (russell822)
hotmail.lua: Temporary solution to get addresses working again. (russell822)
hotmail.lua: An update to the change in interface with LIVE. (russell822)
hotmail.lua: Turn off raw logging. (russell822)
tin.lua: You must also update mimer.lua for this patch to take effect (alessiofender)
tin.lua: added and
tin.lua: fix to use new webmail address (Thanks to rudygonzo)
tin.lua: correctly handle plain text messages
added fixes for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar
fixed paths for launchd plists on Mac OS X Tiger (Thanks to jacobolus)
fixed a bug in mimer.lua about the Content-type header definition

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