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FSlint project is a toolkit to find redundant/questionable disk usage

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 73K
Developer: pixelbeat
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FSlint project is a toolkit to find redundant/questionable disk usage. The FSlint command invokes the GUI interface. There is also a command line interface to each tool which can be accessed from the /usr/share/FSlint/fslint directory usually.

The command fslint is a wrapper for the various tools which can be called individually. All the tools (including fslint) have the same interface, which is basically:

command [-r] [-f] [path1 [path2]...]

where the paths are files &/or directories If no paths are specified then the current directory is assumed.

-r means do NOT recurse the specified director{y,ies}
-f means output full paths even if only 1 path specified

some tools have their own options. To get help on each tool do:

command --help

Any extra commands are passed to find, so any of filtering commands will work, for e.g the following means process the whole system but do not traverse onto any other mounted filesystems:

fslint / -xdev


RPM only. The only difference between the RPM and the source tarball is that the tarball has some extra test directories (fslint/tstlnt). To create the RPM just: rpmbuild -ta FSlint-x.xx.tar.gz

What's New in This Release:
Relatively minor bug fixes and packaging changes.
Debian package is now ready for inclusion in Debian

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