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FMS stands for Fully Modular Synthesizer and is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Daniel Gruen
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FMS stands for Fully Modular Synthesizer and is a tool to create all kinds of sounds from scratch.

You can play and sound (sine, triangular, etc.) with any property settings (frequency or volume) and modulations thereof.

It also features tools to save sounds, play .MUS music, graphically display sounds, and make real noise.

Here are some key features of "Fully Modular Synthesizer":

Playing sounds
with any frequency and volume
one after another or at the same time (mixer) or both
stereo (different sounds on different channels)
like speech synthesis
both on-the-fly playing with direct user access and asynchronous, pre-computed output
with all modulation options described below

Making noise
now although it tends to get noisy in any way, we mean real noise here
in 4 different ways
nearly-white noise
narrow band noise

amplitude (volume)
minima, maxima, amplitude and frequency of the modulation (here the "Fully Modular" comes to existence)
narrowness of the noise frequency band - experimental

Making music
some-kind-of-midi-mapping mode (sound + envelope => instrument, FMS midi file format)
auto-converter and player for MUS file format (Musplay)
auto-composer for those who like a rather modern kind of music - experimental
chords - experimental

spectrum of a sound
oscillogram of a sound

sounds as oscillograms in FMS file format (mathematical description, not complete wavetables)
sounds as Fourier overtone amplitudes
music in FMS midi format
FMS output in wave format
wave file sounds in FMS file format (auto-converter) - experimental

a somewhat ugly and extremely limited tcl/tk gui
FROCOR, an installation that connects the FMS sound backend to graphical interfaces and outputs
a fully modular Qt GUI - experimental

What's New in This Release:
synchronous mode (no more waiting!)
bugfixes (no more screaming!)
unscrewed display tools (no more segfaulting!)
improved exacticity (no more discalculating!)
UDS controlled sound backend (no more stupid jokes!)

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