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GAMMApage is a gamma-adjusting utility for your monitor

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 19K
Developer: Paul Sherman
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GAMMApage is a gamma-adjusting utility for your monitor. Written in Python using GTK and pyGTK. GAMMApage is able to adjust gamma on the fly and save settings to be used at each login (on a per-user basis. GAMMApage will only write to the user's home directory.)

The layout and functionality is much the same as its predecessor, Monica -- but the gamma-setting routines are more robust and user-friendly with GAMMApage. As an example, Slackware's inittab settings, rather unique, are taken into account. Also, much more specific information is given if any problems arise.

Uses xgamma or ATIs fglrx_xgamma to adjust screen gamma, all or by color. Capable of auto-setting adjustments on user login on most distros, whether graphical or console login is used. Includes "Preparation" in help with target black and white points to get started in the ballpark...


What's New in This Release:
Removed fglrx_xgamma calls for those using ATI drivers, due to reports that latest ATI drivers did not return, set gamma properly using the command.
Was tested and verified on Ubuntu 6.10.

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