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gcombust is a gui for mkisofs/mkhybrid/cdda2wav/cdrecord/cdlabelgen

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 314K
Developer: Jonas Munsin
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gcombust is a gui for mkisofs/mkhybrid/cdda2wav/cdrecord/cdlabelgen. It's written in C and it uses the GTK+ widget set. gcombust is a work in progress. The current release is a development release. I try to test it before releasing a new version, but bugs do slip trough occasionally.

If you decide to try it, you should be prepared that you might find bugs, and I'd welcome feedback, bug reports, suggestions and fixes. I try to answer all mail, but sometimes it may take a while. gcombust seems quite stable, but remember that it's still under development (I suspect it will always be).

Currently the greatest problem with gcombust is the absence of docs aren't really any docs for it.

Here are some key features of "gcombust":
Burning data on the fly from hard drive, without making an image
cd-to-cd data copy on the fly
Tooltips to keep you from reading man pages
Easy creation of iso-images (support for making your own directory hierarchy on the image without the need for copying files/making symlinks, renaming of entries) (currently you can only add dirs/files of your choice to the root level only and not move them around)
Maximize disk by hinting which directories/files to use (binpacking/knapsack), reads cd size from disk
Audio CD creation (though audio is not gcombust strong side, you might want to use some other tool for that)
wav to audio CD
audio CD to wav
audio CD direct copy
Print cd-covers with cdlabelgen (let's you edit label-information taken from image, audio tracks or a directory)
Multisession support
Bootable CD support
Save/Load path selections (for always taking a backup of the same collection of files, etc)
NLS support
DnD support

cdrtools (cdrecord/mkisofs/cdda2wav) 1.10
cdlabelgen 1.5.0
gtk+ 1.2.x (I recommend using the latest version, at the moment 1.2.10)

What's New in This Release:

compile fix by Andrea Suatoni
de.po update by G?tz Waschk
hu.po update by narancs
removed the warning about mkisofs versions < 1.10a16 (hopefully everyone has upgraded by now ;)
gcombust.desktop updates (based on input by Michael Terry and Debian bug #155326)


added force option for CD-RW blanking
option for 90 minutes CDs

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