GD Graphics Library 2.0.33 review

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Gd is a graphics library

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Thomas Boutell
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Gd is a graphics library. It allows your code to quickly draw images complete with lines, arcs, text, multiple colors, cut and paste from other images, and flood fills, and write out the result as a PNG or JPEG file. This is particularly useful in World Wide Web applications, where PNG and JPEG are two of the formats accepted for inline images by most browsers.

In gd 1.0, it stood for "gif draw." After the Unisys patent on the LZW compression used in GIF came to light and GIF support was dropped, it did not officially stand for anything, but let's just say "graphics draw" and leave it at that. (GIF support is back, thanks to the expiration of the patent, but gd can draw much more than GIFs.)

This is a quick install guide:

1. Type './configure'
2. Type 'make install'

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