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Gnu Digital Signal Processor Simulator

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Kerry Keal
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Gnu Digital Signal Processor Simulator. To use the tool, currently you'll need a C54x executable to load. You can compile binutils for the C54x and compile the test program in gDSPsim's test directory to try things out.

Work is starting on the TMS320C55x but it still needs a lot of work to be useful for non-developers.

gtk 1.2 or higher


To configure it for the C54x
./configure --target=c54x --prefix=/usr

Note: --prefix=/usr is where to put the compiled binaries is not required, the default value is /usr/local . However many systems by default don't have /usr/local/bin in the path (though I wish they did).

then do:
make install

This will create the binutils binaries with prefix names of c54x- so that they won't conflict with other files.
c54x-addr2line c54x-c++filt c54x-nm c54x-ranlib c54x-strings c54x-ar c54x-gasp c54x-objcopy c54x-readelf c54x-strip c54x-as c54x-ld c54x-objdump c54x-size
The important one is c54x-as. Man pages with the same names are also generated.

To compile the test code:
c54x-as -o test1.o test1.asm
c54x-ld test1.o -o test1.out

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