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gfa is a small and fast address book written in C and GTK+2

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Isenmann Daniel
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gfa is a small and fast address book written in C and GTK+2. It uses sqlite as backend for the addresses.


I think it's not necessary to write here how to use gfa. It's self-explainig. If you wan't to create a new contact press 'New', fill out the fields and press 'Save'. If you change anything in the fields or the image, you must press 'Save' to save the changes, otherwise the changes will be lost, but I think that's clear.

'Delete' will delete the contact from your list. There will be a question if you really want to delete for accidently clicking. If you don't like the selected image anymore, than you can change it to the default icon by clicking 'Use default icon' in the file dialog. And 'Quit' quits gfa. That's all.

GTK+2 >= 2.6.0
sqlite3 >= 3.0


Download the package from a, extract the archive, change to the newly created directory (usually gfa-x.x) and type configure, make and as root make install. Start gfa with gfa.

Known issues:

a newly created contact won't be insert in alphabetic order, you must restart gfa to sort the ComboBox
send button don't work
you should use a 110x160 px image for icon, otherwise gfa center the image and shows only a part of the image

What's New in This Release:
fixing a bug in creating a contact and group "All" is active

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