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Gibraltar Firewall is a firewall and router package, based on Debian/GNU Linux, which perfectly meets all individual requirements for

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 240545K
Developer: eSYS Information Systems GmbH
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Gibraltar Firewall is a firewall and router package, based on Debian/GNU Linux, which perfectly meets all individual requirements for a state-of-the-art firewall.

Independent of the kind of Internet connection (dedicated line, ADSL, dial-up connection), Gibraltar provides for secure connections. So you can turn to something more important without ruffle and worries - your job!

Gibraltar is free for private use. The private license is restricted to a maximum of 5 concurrent connections and includes the easy-to-use webinterface. For obtaining a private license, please contact us via email.

Attention: Without a valid license file, Gibraltar will not run properly!

For the private use of Gibraltar, no claim on support or guarantee can be raised.

All ISO images are copyright of Rene Mayrhofer and eSYS Information Systems GmbH, but may be copied and distributed freely. Several components of Gibraltar are under GPL or BSD license. For detailed usage licenses read the packet documentations under /usr/share/doc on the ISO image.

If you would like to distribute Gibraltar commercially, please refer to our partner program.

Gibraltar can be completely configured with the web-based configuration tool GibADMIN. The configuration of Gibraltar occurs over an encoded, secured connection, and can be done with any browser. The web-interface is designed intuitional and concise, and enables the administrator to change the configuration very easy and quick.

Gibraltar convinces through jutting flexibility and extensive functionality.

Here are some key features of "Gibraltar":
Live CD technology: Gibraltar boots and runs fully off CD-ROM
No hard disk installation required
Specially hardened Linux kernel
Languages: English, German, Finnish
Remote configuration with web interface (SSL 128 Bit) or remote login (SSH)
Easy configuration management
Automatic live updates: interval can be configured
Ethernet: 10/100/1000 MBit/s: static or DHCP, virtual IP addresses
ADSL Ethernet modems: PPP over Ethernet, PPTP
ADSL USB modems: PPP over ATM
Modem dial in: serial, USB
Unlimited number of network interfaces
Protocol support: ICMP, TCP, UDP, GRE, ESP, AH, IPv4-over-IPv6
Flexible packet filter: interface, MAC address, IP address, service, port,....
NAT: Network address translation: dynamic and static
PAT: Port address translation: load balancing (Round Robin)
Free definition of aliases and groups: addresses and ports
DoS/flood - protection: predefined, expandable
Randomized IP sequencing
Selective TTL manipulation
Protocol pass through: PPTP, FTP, H.323, IRC
VPN IPSec gateway
VPN PPTP server: MPPE 128 Bit data encryption
Network-to-network VPN
Network-to-client VPN: compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
Unlimited number of VPN tunnels
Authentication with PSK (Private shared key) and X.509 certificates
Encryption: 3DES, Blowfish, Twofish, AES, CAST, Serpent
Authentication PPTP: CHAP, MS-CHAPv1, MS-CHAPv2
NAT traversal
Perfect forward secrecy (PFS)
Secure SMTP relay: incoming, outgoing, attachment blocking, block lists, antivirus and spam protection
Transparent HTTP proxy: no client configuration necessary, spam protection
User authentication: user list, active directory integration, LDAP
Content caching
Content scanning: antivirus, cookies, active X, java script
FTP proxy: transparent outgoing, incoming
Transparent POP3 proxy: antivirus, spam protection and protection of dangerous attachments
Dynamic DNS
DHCP server
Secure DNS resolve
SSL wrapper for arbitrary services
Portscan detection
Antispam filter: rule based, Bayes, RBL, Razor and DCC
ClamAV virus scanner
OPTIONAL: Kaspersky virus scanner

Pentium PC, at least 300 MHz
bootable CD-ROM-drive
1.44"-floppy-disk drive
2 x Network interface cards 10/100/1000 GBit/s

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