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GLASHCtl is a simple applet for controlling the LASH Audio Session Handler

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 42K
Developer: Lars Luthman
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GLASHCtl is a simple applet for controlling the LASH Audio Session Handler. When you run it it will appear as a small LASH icon in your "notification area" or "system tray" (if your desktop manager is compatible with's "System tray" standard, This is typically somewhere in the panel in KDE or GNOME.

libgtkmm (2.6.4 or newer)
libvte (0.11.15 or newer)
liblash (0.5.1 or newer)


To use the applet, simply run the program. If you have a standards-compliant system tray on your desktop a small LASH icon (a cardboard box with a soundwave on it) should appear there. It is probably insensitive (greyed out), unless you were already running lashd or have the LASH_START_SERVER environment variable set to 1.

If you right-click the icon a menu will pop up where you can choose to start lashd. When lashd has started the icon should become sensitive (show colours), and you will be able to restore audio sessions, and when there is an active session, save it, close it, rename it or change its directory. You can also quit the applet from the popup menu.

You can also left-click the icon to open a message window that shows information about the events received from lashd.

What's New in This Release:
Minor bugfix release

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