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License: Perl Artistic License
File size: 227K
Developer: gtk2-perl team
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Glib::CodeGen is a code generation utilities for Glib-based bindings.


# usually in Makefile.PL
use Glib::CodeGen;

# most common, use all defaults
Glib::CodeGen->parse_maps ('myprefix');

# more exotic, change everything
Glib::CodeGen->parse_maps ('foo',
input => 'foo.maps',
header => 'foo-autogen.h',
typemap => 'foo.typemap',
register => 'register-foo.xsh');
Glib::CodeGen->write_boot (filename => 'bootfoo.xsh',
glob => 'Foo*.xs',
ignore => '^(Foo|Foo::Bar)$');

# add a custom type handler (rarely necessary)
Glib::CodeGen->add_type_handler (FooType => &gen_foo_stuff);
# (see the section EXTENDING TYPE SUPPORT for more info.)

This module packages some of the boilerplate code needed for performing code generation typically used by perl bindings for gobject-based libraries, using the Glib module as a base.

The default output filenames are in the subdirectory 'build', which usually will be present if you are using ExtUtils::Depends (as most Glib-based extensions probably should).


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