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GnGeo is a NeoGeo emulator for Linux (and maybe some other UNIX)

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: GnGeo Team
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GnGeo is a NeoGeo emulator for Linux (and maybe some other UNIX). GnGeo project use the following cpu core:

- The 68k core from the generator project by James Ponder.
- Starscream 680x0 emulation library by Neill Corlett
- Raze Z80 emulator by Richard Mitton.
- Z80 Mame core from the Mame project.
- YM2610 Mame core by Tatsuyuki Satoh.

SDL-1.2.x and the libz
Opengl headers
optional: nasm 0.98 for i386 asm optimisation
You will also need a neogeo BIOS


./configure && make
then 'make install' as root

The configure script will detect the presence of nasm, and choose the different CPU core in consequence. You can force the use of one cpu core with the following configure switch:


To disable completly i386 assembler

What's New in This Release:
GP2X/ARM Save state support for cyclone and drz80
GP2X: Change the exit sequence to L&R&Select or L&R&Start. Actually it's not really an exit sequence anymore...
GP2X: Add a minimal menu system (access it via the "exit" sequence ;)
Add longname option in the romrc.d files to describe tha full name of a driver (must be the first line of the .rc file)
Support dos line ending in the rom.rc files and in the gngeorc file
Fix various automake stuff to allow Multi-Architecture Builds
Romrc.d officially replace the big romrc file. Every game have a unique file (ie: mslug.rc) that go to $(prefix)/share/gngeo/romrc.d by default. The path is configurable via the romrcdir option
Add biospath option. This option tel where the bios is. Now you can have your roms and your bios in different place
GP2X: Fix TVout with Selector (still some work to do)
Fix a bug with error handling when a bios file isn't present.
GP2X: Add Squidge's MMU Hack (via mmuhack.o module, more stable).
GP2X: Fix the bug that prevent volume change when using a .cf file
Fix miexchng slowdown, again

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