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GNU GRUB project, which is a rewrite of GRUB, is alive and under development

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 949K
Developer: Yoshinori K. Okuji
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GNU GRUB project, which is a rewrite of GRUB, is alive and under development. GRUB aims at merging sources from PUPA in order to create the next generation of GNU GRUB. A mailing list and a wiki have been setup for discussing the development of GRUB.

Here are some key features of "GNU GRUB":
Create a compact core image. This will make Stage 1.5 unnecessary.
Add support for dynamic loading to the core image, so that it can extend itself at the run time rather than at the build time.
Add real memory management, to make GNU GRUB more extensible.
Add a more object-oriented framework for file systems, files, devices, drives, terminals, commands, and OS loaders.
Add support for internationalization. This includes support for non-ASCII character code, message catalogs like gettext, fonts, graphics console, and so on.
Add an actual localization, based on the above internationalization support. We will target on Japanese as the first step.
Segregate code specific to i386-pc from generic code, to make GNU GRUB portable.
Add support for cross-platform installation.
Develop additional software packages which will help our project and hopefully other projects.

Multiboot Specification is a protocol between a boot loader and an OS kernel. Because this specification is generic, you can use the protocol in your own boot loader and/or in your own OS freely. Follow this link, for more details.

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