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Keyring is a program lets you securely store digital secret keys on your Palm handheld computer

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jochen Hoenicke
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Keyring is a program lets you securely store digital secret keys on your Palm handheld computer. This information might include computer account passwords, credit card or banking numbers, GnuPG passphrases, or OPIE pads. (Previously "GNU Keyring for PalmOS".)

Many people use Keyring for PalmOS because of next facilities:

Computer account passwords
Credit card numbers
Confidential memos or diary entries
GnuPG or PGP passphrases
SKey one-time-pads
Phone banking keywords

Other features include:

Secure triple-DES encryption using a 112-bit key derived from the password
Open Source Software: no back doors, no license fees
English, Catalan, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokm?l and nynorsk), Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Swedish localized versions
Export records to the Memo Pad
Generate random new passwords

If it is possible for an attacker to get the encrypted database he can try a brute-force attack to find the correct password. Keyring for PalmOS provides 112 bits encryption, but that doesn't help if you have a weak master password. An attacker may try all passwords from a dictionary or short letter/digit combinations.

With a 1.2 GHz PC he can check roughly 1.5 Million passwords per second. A good password uses at least 8 random letters, digits and punctuation characters. Keyring for PalmOS supports passwords of up to 40 characters. I use a 10 character random password including letters, digits, punctuation and accentuated characters.

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