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GNU MIX Development Kit offers an emulation of MIX and MIXAL

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jao
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GNU MIX Development Kit offers an emulation of MIX and MIXAL. The current version of MDK includes the following applications:

mixasm A MIXAL compiler, which translates your source files into binary ones, executable by the MIX virtual machine.
mixvm A MIX virtual machine which is able to run and debug compiled MIXAL programs, using a command line interface with readline's line editting capabilities.
gmixvm A MIX virtual machine with a GTK+ GUI which allows you running and debugging your MIXAL programs through a nice graphical interface (see screenshots).
mixguile A Guile interpreter with an embedded MIX virtual machine, manipulable through a library of Scheme functions.
mixal-mode.el An Emacs major mode for MIXAL source files editing, providing syntax highlighting, documentation lookup and invocation of mixvm within Emacs.
mixvm.el An elisp program which allows you to run mixvm within an Emacs GUD window, simultaneously viewing your MIXAL source file in another buffer.

Using the GNU MDK tools, you'll be able to:

write, compile and execute MIXAL programs,
set breakpoints and run your programs step by step,
set conditional breakpoints (register change, memory change, etc.),
collect execution timing statistics,
trace executed instructions,
inspect and modify the MIX registers, flags and memory contents at any step,
simulate MIX input-output devices using the standard output and your file system.

In addition, the MIX virtual machine simulators include an embedded Guile interpreter and, therefore, their functionality can be extended using Scheme.

What's New in This Release:
The Gmixvm interface has been improved with respect to the external programs dialog and about box.
Compilation warnings in PPC and 64-bit platforms were fixed.
Minor bugs were fixed.

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