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License: Perl Artistic License
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Developer: GO::Model::Term Team
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GO::Model::Term is a term or concept in an ontology.


# From a file
use GO::Parser;
my $parser = new GO::Parser({handler=>'obj'}); # create parser object
$parser->parse("gene_ontology.obo"); # parse file -> objects
my $graph = $parser->handler->graph; # get L object
my $term = $graph->get_term("GO:0001303"); # fetch a term by ID
printf "Term %s %sn", $term->name, $term->acc;

# From a GO Database (requires go-db-perl)
my apph = GO::AppHandle->connect(-dbname=>$dbname);
my $term = $apph->get_term({acc=>00003677});
printf "Term:%s (%s)nDefinition:%snSynonyms:%sn",
join(", ", @{$term->synonym_list});

Represents an Ontology term; the same class is used for process, compartment and function
currently, a Term is not aware of its Relationships; to find out how a term is related to other terms, use the a GO::Model::Graph object, which will give you the GO::Model::Relationship objects; for example

$rels = $graph->get_parent_relationships($term->acc);


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