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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Neven Boric
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GPalta is a genetic programming toolbox that aims for simplicity and speed.

GPalta features tree-based genetic programming, optional strong typing, a multithreaded GUI to control an evolution process, the ability to save evolutions to a file, to be continued at another time and place, and easy interoperability with Matlab.

Here are some key features of "GPalta":
Tree based genetic programming
Strongly Typed (optional)
Multithreaded GUI to control an evolution process
Evolutions can be saved to file, and be continued later (and/or elsewhere)
For GP aplications, all you have to do is provide fitness cases, configure some usual GP options and click go (or call evolve from Matlab)
For advanced research, GPalta can be easily extended with custom nodes, fitness, operators, etc

GPalta is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Java 1.4.2 or later

What's New in This Release:
New features include several new selection methods, a new way to specify available nodes and their settings at startup (without recompiling), easier custom node creation, an option not to reevaluate trees that haven't changed from the previous generation was added, some new nodes, a basic (but functional) tree parser, and better configuration documentation.

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