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GPlot provides a convenient front-end for gnuplot

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Terry Gliedt
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GPlot provides a convenient front-end for gnuplot. GPlot GUI accepts a large set of options to generate a single plot of one or more sets of data (overlaid as necessary). This adds no new functionality to gnuplot, but rather makes it easier to generate gnuplot input.

Sometimes the simplest things can be remarkably difficult to get done. That was my reaction when I first tried to make a few simple plots. I knew about gnuplot, but it took way too long to make my first useful plot.

Perhaps the most frustrating task was trying to do something as simple (to me) as "plot this data with a blue line" or maybe the dauntingly (:-) complex "plot this data with a blue line using triangles for the data points". Eventually, I figured out one answer was this fragment:

set linestyle 10 lt 3 lw 1 pt 8 ps 0.55 plot '' with linespoints linestyle 10
Alright, I'm fed up! No more trying to figure out 'lt 3' versus 'lt 5' and 'pt 3' versus 'pt 22'!

I just want a simple command I can understand that does what I want: -color red -point triangle

Sure can't handle five or ten million complexities that gnuplot can -- but I don't care. All I want is a way to plot some simple columnar data and get a graphic or
Postscript file of it and I don't want to spend very many seconds figuring it out. If this is what you want too, is for you too.


# plot data in ''. Show as X window

# plot 2 sets of data. Show as X window

# plot data in ''. Create a Postscript file /tmp/ -type ps

# plot data in ''. Create a Postscript file -type ps -outfile

# plot data in ''. Annotate it a little -title "This is my data" -ylabel "Vertical Axis"
-xlabel "Horizontal Axis"

# plot 3 sets of data, specify colors and points -color green -point uptriangle
-color blue -point box
-color green -point circle

What's New in This Release:
This release adds support for gnuplot 4.0.
It adds support for JPEG output files.
There is no need to upgrade unless you are on gnuplot 4.0.
Stay on release 1.1 if you are using gnuplot 3.x.

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