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GradeL (Gradebook for Linux) is a gradebook program for teachers

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: A. Murphy
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GradeL (Gradebook for Linux) is a gradebook program for teachers. Written in Gambas, this program includes some features I felt were important in a gradebook program. While still buggy and incomplete, it is functional.

GradeL requires the development version of Gambas, currently version 1.9.26. GradeL uses Gambas components gb.eval, gb.qt, gb.qt.ext, gb.qt.kde, and gb.qt.kde.html.

Although my coding technique is at times inefficient, GradeL does meet my needs. It features a spreadsheet-style main screen with vertical column headers that include the assignment name, category, and points. Assignments are grouped in categories for reporting purposes. Teachers may enter numerical scores or alpha-numeric codes for student scores.

These codes may count either zero points or excuse the student from that particular assignment. Gambas Grade provides practical reports designed to give plenty of information while conserving paper. Current reports include complete class report, single marking period progress report, and progress reports for all students. One other feature that I really like is an average row included in the spreadsheet that displays the average for the class on every assignment and for the overall marking period grade.

GradeL project is still in its infancy. The program still has bugs and incomplete features. I am making it available now as a preview for review and testing purposes. You may not want to use it as your primary grading program at this time.


What's New in This Release:
Bug Fixes:

Major bug in Adding Assignments and Resizing that crashed the program is
Changed the spacing on the list box of the Distribution form.
Removal of the Final Exam category is no longer allowed.
Category list box of Add Assignment dialog no longer allows editing.
Deleting a category no longer causes Out of Bounds error.
"Extra Credit" category is no longer part of weight sum (100%).
Typo in install script remark corrected to state "Gambas" not "Gambas2".

Improved Features

Updates to many dialog buttons.
Updated many icons.
GradeL now supports student comments, assigned per marking period.
Export to "Online Grades" added.

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