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Graphico is an open source 3D graphics application programming interface. Graphico works with either Java or C++

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Graphico is an open source 3D graphics application programming interface.

Graphico works with either Java or C++. The design of Graphico is based on OpenGL. Two independent Java versions of Graphico exist. The first version renders to a Java image that can be displayed in a Java application or any internet browser capable of executing Java 1.1 code. The second version uses Java 3D for increased performance. The C++ version uses OpenGL.

The different versions of Graphico are known as:


This version uses Java to do all of the rendering. The Java 3D extension is not utilized. Using this version of Graphico allows for displaying in any browser capable of executing Java 1.1 code, which includes Internet Explorer and Netscape. With this version of Graphico it is possible to integrate Graphico into HTML documents. Since this version is the most portable and integrates well with the internet, all examples with this distribution use this version of Graphico. While this version is suitable for many things, it is not suitable for rendering complex large scenes at high animation frame rates. When better animation performance is required, the same Java applet/application can run with the GoJava3D implementation of Graphico.


This version makes use of Java 3D. If you have have special 3D graphics hardware and an implementation of Java 3D that is set up to work with the graphics hardware, then this is the best way to run a Graphico applet/application. With this version it is more difficult to reach all internet users with Graphico graphics and to incorporate Graphico into an HTML document, which is why the GoJava implementation exists.


This version is a C++ version that uses OpenGL as the Graphico rendering engine. It serves as an easy way to move Graphico graphics code between Java and C++. This version is not implemented with any special GUI (Graphical User Interface) in mind. While all the C++ example in this distribution use the GLUT (OpenGL Utility Toolkit) via GoGlutInterface, it is not necessary to do so. Just like OpenGL, Graphico leaves all GUI specific code up to the programmer.

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