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Grave is an MP3 play-list editor and an interface tool to the Sensory Science RaveMP MP2000 Digital Media Player

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Bodo Bauer
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Grave is an MP3 play-list editor and an interface tool to the Sensory Science RaveMP MP2000 Digital Media Player. Grave is made with the GTK+ toolkit and the Gnome libraries. It allows you to create and edit play-lists. The play-lists are stored as text files and can be used with most (software) MP3 players (i.e. XMMS).

The part interacting with the RaveMP (hardware) MP3 player can up and download single files, or complete play lists. You can browse files that are stored on the player and download them to your PC. You can upload a complete play list, or select single files in the file browser and upload those to the player.

Grave works fine without an RaveMP media player.

Here are some key features of "Grave":
MP3 files can be selected in a file browser and then added either to an existing play-list, or a new play-list will be created from scratch. Songs can be removed, moved up, moved down, moved to the end or to the beginning of the play-list. If available, the ID3 tag of the MP3 file will be displayed when the file is selected. Single songs can be played with an external MP3 player.

A RaveMP player, of course - tested with 64MB of base memory, any other configuration may not work correctly.
A PC with at least a bidirectional LPT (if you have a recent PC, you may well have to go into the BIOS set up and select "EPP" or "ECP" mode before this software will work - try ECP first.
The LPT port must be set to 0x378 (or you'll need to edit the source - file ravemp.c).

Repeated uploads and removals of files to/from the player seems to leak memory on the player. Doing an 'Initialize' using the windows software cleans up those lost blocks.
Sometimes (for big files?) a read error happens during the download. In these cases files seem to get bigger when you download them from the player, sometimes they are smaller. Error message in both cases is 'Download Failure: Bad Block number 65535 [Outside Range 6-4095]'
Files containing spaces in the name canr't be played using xmms
Players with 32Meg don't work correct.

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