GreyList Sendmail milter 2.0.0 review

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smf-grey is a Sendmail milter that implements the GreyList Anti SPAM technology

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Eugene Kurmanin
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smf-grey is a Sendmail milter that implements the GreyList Anti SPAM technology.

This technology can significantly reduce the amount of SPAM and viruses going from zombie computers (infected Windows PC), which produce more than 80% of SPAM.

GreyList Sendmail milter has a very effective GreyList algorithm on the base of the tuple: sender IP address (C class subnet), sender envelope and recipient envelope.

It's very recommended to use the smf-grey milter combined with the smf-zombie and the smf-spf milters. It's a triple impact on SPAM and viruses, that will seriously increase the efficiency of filtration.

This milter aims to be lightweight, reliable and simple. It's written in C.

Here are some key features of "GreyList Sendmail milter":
It has a hosts/networks whitelist;
It has an autowhitelist;
It can add the information header with GreyList results to scanned messages;
It can log all milter activities through the syslog service.


Small code;
Fast work;
Stability (production quality);
Few system resources are required.

What's New in This Release:
The on-disk cache has been removed.
Support for an external editable configuration file has been implemented.
Whitelists by an IP address (in CIDR notation), by a PTR (reverse DNS) record, by an envelope sender email address, and by an envelope recipient email address have been implemented.
A scalable fast in-memory greylist/autowhitelist engine has been implemented.
The performance has been drastically improved.
The new TODO tasks have been added.
Cosmetic enhancements have been made.

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