Gscore 0.0.9 review

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Gscore is a music notation application

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 378K
Developer: Sebastien Tricaud
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Gscore is a music notation application. Writing scores becomes as easy as entering text in a word processor.

You can then export it to various file formats (abc is currently supported, other are in progress) and easily share your scores with your friends. You can also import various files, thus you don't need to rewrite scores you already have!

The printing of your scores is not supported yet, but it will be of high quality, since it will use lilypond as a backend.

Writing your music as fast as possible means that you don't need to re-learn a new syntax if you already wrote scores with your favorite text editor (abc, lilypond syntax...). You can also define modes and gscore will use them.

Also, efforts have been made with the user interface: making the software easy to use without having to read tons of documentation.


What's New in This Release:
New stuff:

abc import
notes inserting
improved score creation and layout

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