GtkLP 1.2.2 review

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GtkLP is a Frontend for Cups

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Tobias Muller
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GtkLP is a Frontend for Cups. GtkLP is not an administrative Tool (the frontend is good enough!), but intended for Users.

They can easily choose all options that cups provide (including the printer independent options) without remebering or even knowing their names.

For Printeradmin is also a small queue available, which is heavily inspired by novells old LQV.

Here are some key features of "GtkLP":
Gtk-Interface with theme-support
IPP support
Printer specific options
All standard-cups options
different preferences-files for each printer
easy to build
gettext-support for different languages
X- and Console-Support
Support for both, gtk1 and gtk2


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