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Gunther is a set of PHP scripts that can be deployed on your web server and used to create, manage and easily maintain a website.

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Thomas Riley
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Gunther is a set of PHP scripts that can be deployed on your web server and used to create, manage and easily maintain a website.

Gunther aims at a different target-market than most existing content management systems. Gunther is for those who want an instantly accessible tool to build small to medium sized websites and may want to provide others (clients, customers or friends) with an easily editable website.

Gunther strives to provide the user with genuinely useful features such as automatic thumbnail generation for uploaded images, customisable page templates, automatic generation of image galleries and an easy-to-learn wiki-style markup language to format pages. Gunther can also be deployed with zero configuration and comes with a clean, elegant, functional default page template so a Gunther driven site will look great from the word go.

All editing is done from within the web browser by logging in to your site with a user-name and password. A Gunther powered site works much like a wiki, however, unlike a wiki, a Gunther driven site is not open to modifications by the general public and the owner must log-in before being able to make changes.

Here are some key features of "Gunther":
Web-based site management.
Create and remove pages from your site.
Easily create links between pages.
Rename pages.
Upload and embed images.
Align images left and right.
Very easy image gallery creation.
Various styles, bold, underline, code, pre-processed, subscript, superscript header styles, text alignment.
Create ordered and unordered lists.
Create tables.
Per cell alignment in tables.
Row span and column span.
Incorporate PHP script within pages.
Add your own custom HTML to pages.
Create thumbnails from uploaded images automatically.
Create your own user templates.
Choose a default user template.
Choose a specific template for a page.
Incorporate a fixed page into a template (create static elements such as a button bar).
Upload images and resources to associate with a template.

At the moment Gunther requires PHP 4.3 or greater. Gunther may not work if PHP is in safe-mode. Specifically, if your PHP scripts cannot write to directories owned by the webserver process (directories that Gunther creates) then Gunther won't work. A lot of safe-mode PHP installations don't enable this restriction and Gunther runs fine in that case.

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