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hal91 is an interesting distribution of Linux

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1440K
Developer: hal91 Team
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hal91 is an interesting distribution of Linux. hal91 was made by ?yvind Kol?s in Norway. However, ?yvind has stopped working on hal91, and his webpage, http://home.sol.no/~okolaas, has gone down permanently.

+ hal91 works on almost any PC with a 486DX or Pentium processor.
+ It fits on a single floppy disk.
+ You don't need to modify your hard drive in any way. You just make a hal91 floppy disk and boot from it.
+ hal91 runs off a RAM disk. It takes a few minutes to start, but runs quickly once it is started.


- It lacks a graphical interface. No X Window System, no KDE, no GNOME.
- It hasn't been updated since 1998.
- It is missing many other parts that most people expect to find in Linux.
- hal91 runs off a RAM disk. If you edit any files on the hal91 disk, or add any files to the disk, your changes will be lost when you shut your computer off. See section 5.2 of the hal91 user's guide for a way to avoid this.
- You must use the "mount" command to get hal91 to access your hard disk. The "mount" command can be hard to use. The "mount" command does not work for Windows NT, 2000, or XP users. Sorry.
- It will not run on a 486SX or a 386, as it requires a math coprocessor.

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