halfscan6 0.2 review

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halfscan6 is an IPv6 syn port scanner

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 10K
Developer: Thomas Habets
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halfscan6 is an IPv6 syn port scanner. Now that people can set up IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnels they don't always treat the outside IPv6 as untrusted. An since more and more OSs enable normal services to listen to IPv6 ports as well as IPv4, the firewall can sometimes be
completely bypassed.

A normal synscan program is also included, but it's just an old cleanen up one that I had laying around, and you should use nmap for normal IPv4 portscanning. The ipv4-scanner may or may not work on you bigendian system.

Secure your IPv6 boxes, because I have a feeling people will use this in the coming years.

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