halo_radio 0.2.6-3 review

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halo_radio is a python library for a mp3 radio station

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 1386K
Developer: Philip J Freeman
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halo_radio is a python library for a mp3 radio station. Included is a cgi web front-end for controlling the radio stations content. also, a backend streamer for re-encoding mp3's.

The system tracks requests and kills to auto generate playlists for random song selection.

HaloRadio makes use of existing software to provide some parts of its features and functionality. For example the transport of mp3s is provided by Icecast and the backed database is provided by MySQL.

There are quite a few prerequisite applications to be installed before your streaming radio station is fully operational. While the author would like to provide installation and configuration help for all the software used in this project these issues are extensively covered by their respective maintainers.

The author suggests recent versions of all programs listed below or a nice package management system like debian's apt.

halo_radio is a free software released under the GPL license.


What's New in This Release:
The Debian package has been fixed to work in Debian Sarge.
The install docs have been updated.
Theme support has been added (using replaceable CSS stylesheets).
Database versioning support has been added to help automate database updates.
A user preferences page that allows users to select a theme or change a password has been added.
Other miscellaneous errors have been fixed.

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