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HaRe is a Hebrew handwriting recognition engine

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 0K
Developer: Ori Brost
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HaRe is a Hebrew handwriting recognition engine. HaRe project uses an optical algorithm, and is therefore independent of motion.


./hare filename.pgm - will attempt to read the hebrew letters from filename.pgm and output them to a UTF-8 textfile called output

./hare - does the same, acts the same as above, but the image file is default'd to "bug.pgm"

hare reads .pgm files, but can only handle B/W images, grayscale is ignored (for now)

only letters supported right now are all letters between bet and shin, not including sofiot



./runtest.pl - runs hare on all files in the tests directory, copies outputs to image_file_name_without_extension.out, and compares it with the expected output (in a .go file), if comparison fails, outputs a warning to STDOUT.

you need Perl to run this.
In order to use the test suit it is recommended to copy your binary to the 'debug' directory, where the test suite resides, or simply compile with kdevelop under 'debug mode'

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