hdup 2.0.14 review

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Hdup 2.0 is an evolution from hdup 1.6

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 85K
Developer: Miek Gieben
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Hdup 2.0 is an evolution from hdup 1.6. Hdup 2.0 is more solid and has even more features, it supports a 'nobackup' keyword, if a special file is found in a directory - that directory is not backed up. Also the include/exclude mechanism is more powerfull and more robust.

Hdup should run and compile on all Unixes out there. hdup does depend on Gnu tar for the backups. It also needs glib-dev if you compile it yourself. Also for building it you need Gnu Make.

Hdup 2.0 offers a much better include/exclude mechanism and can see nobackup keywords in directories. But because of some limitation in the current stable version of Gnu tar this means that not all directory information is included in the archive. You need a Gnu tar version > 1.3.25, pref. one of the newer stable releases (1.15.x or greater).

I currently have a SOLUTION for this. This involves patching tar and running hdup with the -P (patched_tar) option. This patch makes tar and hdup include the directory information in the archives once again.

Here are some key features of "hdup":
simple to use,
small and versatile backup program,
support for incremental backups,
support for backups over the network (with ssh),
support for network restore (with ssh),
support for encrypted backups (using mcrypt, gnupg),
support for split up archives (called chunks),
support for .nobackup files (to exclude certain directories),
flexible regular expression based include/exclude mechanism,
designed to be run from cron.

What's New in This Release:
Files specified with the "dir" keyword are now also seperated with NULLs in the filelist.

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