Herrie 1.0.2 review

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Herrie is a command line music player

License: BSD License
File size: 45K
Developer: Ed Schouten and Martijn van den Dungen
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Herrie is a command line music player. It has a split-screen file manager and playlist interface and supports a number of file formats (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, wave, FLAC, etc).

Herrie also has some nice features, including a chroot() function for untrusted setups (remote logins, parties, etc). AudioScrobbler is also implemented using Curl.

GLib 2.10.0
curl and libcurl
libsndfile (1.x branch)

Use the up/down/left/right arrows to navigate
With A play song/add song(s) to playlist
With S remove song

What's New in This Release:
Some new features were added, but some existing features have been improved.
Randomizing the playlist is a lot faster now (linear instead of quadratic).
The "c" button allows you to change directories by entering the full pathname.
When entering the pathname (or entering a search query), you may now use the ^W and ^U buttons to remove a single word or the entire sentence.
Herrie now uses a lot less terminal I/O during playback, which saves a lot of network traffic when using Herrie through SSH/Telnet/etc.

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