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HTML::Template module attempts to make using HTML templates simple and natural

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 61K
Developer: Sam Tregar
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HTML::Template module attempts to make using HTML templates simple and natural.
HTML::Template library extends standard HTML with a few new tags for variables, loops, if/else blocks and includes.

A file written with HTML and these new tags is called a template. Using this module you fill in the values for the variables and loops declared in the template.

This allows you to seperate design (the HTML) from the data, which you generate in the Perl script. While there are many other HTML template systems available, this module is simple and fast.

It doesn't try to reinvent Perl CGI, it just augments HTML with a few new and very useful abilities.

What's New in This Release:
New Feature: the new default_escape option allows you to apply escaping to all variables in a template. [Alex Kapranoff]
Bug Fix: ESCAPE wasn't working on variables containing code-refs.
Bug Fix: Changed HTML::Template to help sub-classes by called _new_from_loop() via ref($self) rather than hard-coding the package name. [Mark Stosberg]
Bug Fix: Including more than one < tmpl_else > tag in < tmpl_unless > or < tmpl_unless > now dies with an error message, instead of silently ignoring one of the clauses. [Mitar and Mark Stosberg]
Bug Fix: Fixed HTML::Template to re-evaluate conditions to handle < tmpl_else >. This bug could cause HTML::Template to take both branches of a conditional if a code-ref parameter returned a different value when called a second time. [Emanuele Zeppieri]

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