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iptables accounting monster (iam) is a traffic reporting tool for iptables

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 17K
Developer: Thomas Arendsen Hein
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iptables accounting monster (iam) is a traffic reporting tool for iptables. Currently it can generate daily reports in plain text and HTML format. It can also create summaries (month or year) of these daily reports.

While looking for a traffic reporting tool, I didn't find something that i looked for. So I started to write iam, which:

is free software
works with Linux 2.4 iptables
is written in Python, a readable language (i.e. not perl, awk or shell script)
is secure (i.e. only be root where you need to be root)
doesn't depend on a specific web server or database server
can generate reports for routers or servers
can generate reports in plain text or HTML format
can calculate costs for traffic (currently only price per MB, but bulk discounts should be included soon)

Python from http://www.python.org/ (version 1.5.2 or newer)
iptables from http://www.iptables.org/ (version 1.2 or newer)
cron must be installed to automatically dump iptables output to a file,
cron is also convenient for generating iam reports on regular intervals.
You only need root access to install the iptables script and to dump it's
output. but iam doesn't need to be run by a privileged user.
iam_report currently needs a GNU version of date for the --date option.

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