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iLaunch is designed to clear up clutter on your desktop by stacking icons in a scrollable format

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 519K
Developer: p0z3r
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iLaunch is designed to clear up clutter on your desktop by stacking icons in a scrollable format. (think deck of cards) Using the scroll wheel on your mouse (button 4 & 5) will cycle through the applications in the .rc file added by you the user from the first application to the end.

Then it will loop to the beginning, being an endless loop cycling through your stack of icons.

Here are some key features of "iLaunch":
Background image or no background image support(transparent background).
Maximizes desktop space by moving all your icons into one scrollable stack.
Drag and Drop support when dragging from the K-menu or the Kicker bar(no Desktop icons or devices yet).
No wheel mouse support, by right clicking the theme and selecting the No Wheel Mouse option in the Configure theme menu.
Alternate display text when adding applications to customize what is displayed to your needs.
Icon theme finding engine to locate your current icons being used by KDE.
Mouse over highlighting when on an application to launch.
Custom icons support by selecting the directory in which they are stored.
Drag and drop a file onto iLaunch and the application displayed will launch it for you if the type is correct.
Applications that support multiple files being opened via command line should be able to accept multi-file drops as well.
Ability to select a unique icon for the showing application and it is remembered when changing icon themes as well.
Automatic resizing to suit the icon theme selected when setting the Custom Icon Directory
Remove the current application by right clicking and selecting it from the Configure menu.
Middle clicking iLaunch displays the information about the execution command and the location of the icon it's using.


What's New in This Release:
itemDropped callback format fix

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