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IMGV is a free Image Viewer that runs on all versions of MS-Windows and Unix-like systems running X Window (Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, etc.

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Ryan Kulla
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IMGV is a free Image Viewer that runs on all versions of MS-Windows and Unix-like systems running X Window (Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, etc..)

Here are some key features of "imgv":
Brings up an options menu that allows you to control imgv with your mouse (middle-click or press 'c' key to close it).
Allows you to control imgv with your keyboard (click 'help' for key list). Learn these for super-quick operations!
Allows you to specify files/remote files/directory of files on the command line.
Allows you to view images in fullscreen mode, you can even configure imgv to launch in fullscreen mode.
Delay as long as you want. Pause, jump forward/backward an image, optional wrap/auto fit images to screen. Option to slideshow 4 images at a time.
Effects currently includle "fade in" and "melt". You can even set multiple effects to run at the same time
You can have as many lists as you want and the files in them can be in any directory and/or drive on your system, even from websites.
Allows you to view 4 images at a time on your screen. Clicking one of the images enlarges it. Option to slideshow 4 images at a time. Navigate with space/backspace or right-click/middle-click
Imgv supports the viewing of Exif data (metadata from images that came from digital cameras, scanners, software) on-the-fly and more detailed in the Image Details screen.
Set gamma control, delete images, set your wallpaper, launch image into an external viewer...
You can easily set your desktop wallpaper with imgv.
A file called ".imgv.conf" contains lots of default variables for imgv which you can customize to your needs.
Loads a page of thumbnails at a time. Click a thumbnail to enlarge it. Navigate with space/backspace or right-click/middle-click. You can adjust the thumbnail sizes in imgv.conf.
Load individual images from websites or extract all images from a webpage. You can then slideshow, zoom, etc. Option to download.
Dynamically randomizes the images.
You can tag multiple directories to load all of their contents at once.
imgv allows you to optionally load sub-directories of files with the click of a button.
Allows you to search for and/or filter out certain files.
Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Rotate Clock-Wise and Counter Clock-Wise, Flip vertically, Flip horizontally, Refresh..
Imgv now has minimal mpeg movie support.
imgv has a unique interface that you can customize in imgv.conf
Allows you to remove an image from your current session without having to delete it permanently from your hard disk.
This option will hide the image currently being displayed by painting the window black until a keypress or click turns it off. You can password protect this by setting the PASSWORD option in imgv.conf
Shows an entire screen full of information about the image, including a histogram.
If an image is larger than the screen you can use your arrow keys to move the image up, down, left or right to bring it into view.
Allows you to load new directory or drive of images. You can optionally load sub-directories and/or tag multiple directories. You can click directory names or type in their corresponding number to change directories.
Gives a list of all the currently loaded image names. Clicking an image name will jump to that image.
Allows you to jump around between 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, and custom resolutions as well as fullscreen support.
Imgv automatically temporarily disables your screensaver while watching movies or viewing slideshows.
imgv can run on virtually any operating system you're likely to use.

Python 2.2 or greater
PIL (python-imaging)

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