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Internet Relay Jabber (or IRJ) is a Jabber client for IRC

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Curtis Hawthorne
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Internet Relay Jabber (or IRJ) is a Jabber client for IRC. It's useful if you like IRC, but your friends use another IM service. Through Jabber, IRJ supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, etc. It is written in Perl and uses Net::Jabber and Net::IRC.

Just to clear up any confusion, this isn't a transport or a gateway between Jabber and IRC (ie, a server component for many users). Is a program for connecting to IRC and Jabber simulataneosly. It then acts as an IRC bot to relay conversations in IRC to Jabber. It is meant for one user per IRJ process and pretty much requires a dedicated IRC channel. It also works best if you have access to a shell sever of some kind (so IRJ can always be running in the background) and use an IRC server with NickServ and ChanServ so you can restrict access to your IRJ channel.

That said, I personally find it very useful (though I may be biased because it's my creation) because I'm usually on IRC and don't like to have a bunch of other instant messaging programs open as well as my IRC client.

Perl Perl 5.x, Net::Jabber, Net::IRC, and optionally Proc::Daemon.
Please use the latest version of Net::Jabber (1.29 at the time of this writing), the old version has several problems that will keep it from working with IRJ correctly. Also, if you want SSL support, Net::Jabber requires that you have IO::Socket::SSL.
A Jabber account.
IRJ does not (yet) handle the process of signing up for a Jabber account, so you will need to download a "normal" Jabber client (like Gabber) and sign up that way. You will also need to use a Jabber client to sign up for Gateways (like MSN, Yahoo, etc).
IRC Server
An IRC server that allows you to run bots. Preferably one with ChanServ and NickServ so you can make sure you and the IRJ bot are the only ones allowed in the channel (unless you like people listening in on your conversations).

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