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iogen is an I/O generator

License: MIT/X Consortium License
File size: 5K
Developer: Marco Peereboom
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iogen is an I/O generator. iogen forks child processes that each run a mix of reads and writes. The idea is to generate heavily fragmented files to make the hardware suffer as much as possible.

This tool has been used to test filesystems, drivers, firmware, and hardware devices. It is by no means meant as a performance measuring tool since it tries to recreate the worst case scenario I/O.

This code was developed and tested on OpenBSD 3.8-current Dec 6 2005. This code should be POSIX compliant and therefore should compile on all well behaving UNIXi. If you are inclined to port this to another OS send me a diff and if it is good I'll merge it with the actual code.

Please note that I will not generate additional makefiles besides the example in the current version. The official Makefile is part of the OpenBSD ports tree and is non-portable. I will publish, ONLY under a BSD license, makefiles and diffs that enable iogen to run on other OSs on this website.

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