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IOSEMU is a Cisco 7200 emulator that uses JIT to achieve good performance

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 615K
Developer: IOSEMU Team
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IOSEMU is a Cisco 7200 emulator that uses JIT to achieve good performance. The project is able to boot real Cisco IOS images.

At this time, the emulator I have programmed is able to boot a large number of Cisco IOS releases available for the 7200 platform, including the latest 12.2S and 12.4. The following devices are emulated:

MIPS64 CPU processor. The instruction set is not completely emulated now (FPU support is lacking, TLB support is not finished and other minor things), but it is sufficient for IOS ;
DRAM and Packet SRAM memory ;
Non-Volatile Memory (NVRAM) ;
Dallas DS1620 Temperature Sensors and Voltage Sensors, allowing the Environmental Monitor to work properly ;
NMC93C46 Serial EEPROM ;
I/O and Midplane FPGA specific to the C7200 platform ;
Basic support of Serial interfaces (PA-8T) and Ethernet IOCard based on DEC21140 (Tulip) chip.
Basic Galileo GT64010 PCI controller, DEC 21050 PCI bridges and so.

To run at a decent speed, the emulator uses a JIT (Just In Time) compiler, which is working on x86 CPU (like Pentium) and x86_64 CPU (AMD64/Intel EM64T).

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