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iPod Slave project, further allows you to organize playlists and uploading tracks. This ioslave enables KIO aware linux apps like

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iPod Slave project, further allows you to organize playlists and uploading tracks.

This ioslave enables KIO aware linux apps like konqueror or amarok to access the Music stored on an Apple iPod.

To have access to your iPod mount it (some distros do this automatically when the iPod gets plugged in) and open the URL "ipod:/". You'll get a list of 3 directories: Artists, Playlists and Utilities.

You can copy songs from an Album to a playlist, move tracks between playlists or albums. You can also add new mp3 files to the collection.

Be aware though that the changes you make aren't saved automatically to your iPod's database - use the "Synchronize" utility under ipod:/Utilities for this.

Make sure though you have a backup copy of your original iTunesDB file. This file can be found under iPod_Control/iTunes/iTunesDB in the directory struture of your iPod. If you open the Synchronize utility it'll provide a link to this file that you just can drag and drop to a save place.

Here are some key features of "Ipod slave":
browsing and opening the mp3s with KIO aware apps (like amarok)
browsing and copying songs and playlists with konqueror
copying tracks and albums from the iPod
Copying mp3 files to the iPod
renaming/moving albums
accessing playlists

when deleting a Track from the playlist the numbering of the tracks won't get reorganized (e.g. when deleting track 2 the list will be

1 - blah.mp3
3 - moreblah.mp3
4 - etc ... )

until synchronized with the iPod's database. This is because the numbering must be consistent between 2 or more deletes (e.g. when deleting a list of songs)
mp3 files need to have sufficient id3 information (Album, Artist, Title and Tracknum). Be aware when copying tracks to the ipod that the sort order heavily depends on the id3 tracknumber field.
Make sure the id3 information is sufficient.
Sometimes you need to hit the "reload" button to make changes visible

What's New in 0.7.3 Stable Release:
ignore ItunesDB elements we can't handle yet
fixed bug where itunesdb didn't get written when slave was compiled with gcc4 - thanks to Jeff Weeks for pointing this out and fixing it

What's New in 0.8-pre1 Development Release:
separated the whole ipod/iTunesDB code to a separate library - libQtPod
supports updating smart playlists creating new ones or editing smart playlist rules is not yet possible
when synchronizing with the database it will automatically create backup copies of the old files.

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