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IQ has been my pet project since September 2003

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 38K
Developer: Matt Sparks
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IQ has been my pet project since September 2003. IQ is an intelligent, modular IRC robot written in PHP. I wrote the original branch, 0.1.x, back in late 2003, and developed it and modules for it until early 2004. At some point in June 2004, I became inspired to rewrite the bot's core and start the 0.9.x branch.

The new (0.9.x) branch of IQ is just about an entire rewrite of the original, with better coding techniques, and usage of object oriented PHP. Bugs from the original have been corrected, and dozens of new features have been added. My goal with IQ is to create a truly multi-purpose IRC bot that may be easily coded for, while keeping the core relatively light-weight.

IQ is built from modules and can dynamically load and unload modules. Writing modules for the bot is simple, and any PHP developer should be able to write his or her own modules to have the bot act as needed. Modules utilize a binding system (modeled after that used by eggdrop), which create triggers that can be executed upon any regular event (msg, join, kick, nick, quit, part, etc), as well as other bot-specific events (idle, connect, disconnect), and call lambda-style functions in the module to perform the desired actions.

What's New in This Release:
Fixed case-sensitivity issues with dancer ircd
Improved mode checking for non-hybrid ircds
Miscellaneous bug fixes and code cleanups
Added Database class for support for MySQL and pgSQL database servers
Headlines module removed
Added currency module
Added idletime module
Disallowed running as root

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