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J-Alice is a C++ implementation of an Alicebot clone

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jonathan Roewen, Taras Glek
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J-Alice is a C++ implementation of an Alicebot clone. It can chat on console, irc and function as a mini-http server.

Currently it runs on Linux, BeOS, Solaris and Windows with equal functionality.

Compiling J-Alice:

There are some issues with a number of compilers. Some are known to not like J-Alice, such as gcc pre 3.x. However, changing headers, etc might make it compile.

Two known standard classes known to be weird with some compilers is the string stream class, and the istreambuf_iterator (some compilers don't have this class). For the istreambuf_iterator, the standard istream_iterator class can be safely used instead.

However, it is likely that the performance of J-Alice will suffer greatly. For the string stream class, the main issue is a matter of naming of the class itself, and the header name to include. Your compiler should have documentation on the string stream class, and the header to use.

To enable the GUI, you'll need to download, and install wxWindows. You must also define the symbol GUI for the gui code to be compiled.

To add JavaScript support, you'll need to download and install the SpiderMonkey engine available from < http://mozilla.org/js > and also define the symbol ENABLE_JAVASCRIPT for it to be compiled into J-Alice.

The only tested compilers that are known to work have been Metrowerks CodeWarrior 5.3 for Windows (5.0 without the update does not work), and gcc 3.x for linux. Currently, latest J-Alice code has not been tested under any other operating system. To link under Windows, you must link against the WinSock2 library.

Known Issues:

A bug has been discovered in the parser, such that self closing tags with default parameters, such as < star / > are not parsed correctly. Currently, using < star / > instead of < star/ > produces incorrect results. Solution is to either use < star/ > or always state the parameters explicitly, such as: < star index="1"/ > or < star index="1" / >

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