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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 352K
Developer: Olivier Guilyardi
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Jackbeat project is an audio sequencer with support for the JACK Audio Connection Kit.

Featuring a drum-machine-like interface, it is designed with real-time operation in mind: while playing, the pattern can be edited, the BPM rate modified, and new samples loaded.

The number of tracks and beats is virtually unlimited, and though it is simple, it becomes a powerful tool when connected to other JACK applications providing mastering, effects plugins, etc.

Here are some key features of "Jackbeat":
drummachine-like interface for fast and easy editing
realtime operation : while playing, the sequence can be edited and resized, the bpm rate modified, and new samples loaded,
virtually unlimited number of tracks and beats
easy to use and yet powerful : just JACK it into jack-rack and you can apply LADSPA effect plugins on a per track basis, perform mastering with jackeq , etc...
loads and saves .jab files, Jackbeat's file format, based on xml and packed with tar,
unique masking feature : allows to insert silences with precision into a given track.

JACK Audio Connection Kit
GTK+-2.0 toolkit
sndfile library
libxml2 library
libsamplerate library

What's New in This Release:
The drum-machine interface is now more interactive and features VU meters.
Support for MacOS X is now complete.
The JACK realtime thread now uses ringbuffers, for syscall-free operation.
Various other minor issues have been fixed.
Jackbeat is now available through Subversion.

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