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Jagzilla is simply the Java version of bugzilla

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Jagzilla is simply the Java version of bugzilla. The idea of this project is:

To provide a complete java-based interface to bugzilla
To facilitate interoperation between bugzilla and java based apps
To provide additional functionality to bugzilla while mantaining compatibility

Here are some key features of "Jagzilla":
Bugzilla and java based apps integration
Bugzilla and eclipse integration (with the eclipse plugin)
Bugzilla and cvs integration (with the eclipse plugin)
Bugzilla extended functionality mantaining backwards compatibility (with jagzilla extension tables)


Hibernate Mapping

This components includes java classes that represent rows in bugzilla tables, as well as mapping files. This provides direct hibernate access to bugzilla database.

Jagzilla Core API

The core api is a higher abstraction level than hibernate mapping, which understands buisiness logic and provides an easy access to this funcionality.

Jagzilla Web Services API

The web services API is actually the core api implementation which uses xml and http as transport. see rest-webapp

WS Client lib

This is a simple jar to enable easy access to jagzilla WS from any java app.

Jagzilla mail processor

A program to read email accounts and add bugs to database with information found on these mails.

Hibernate Client lib

This is a simple jar to enable easy access to jagzilla Core API from any java app.

Eclipse plugin

This plugin enables using most functionallity of jagzilla. The access can be with hibernate and JDBC (directly to the database) or via web services.


This is the web frontend for jagzilla. This web application shows how to use the jagzilla backend to provide a java web based front-end.

REST Webapp

This web application is the server for the web services (in a simple sense of xml over http) interface.

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