Jappo 0.25.2 review

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Jappo is Java preprocessor

License: BSD License
File size: 1077K
Developer: najgor
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Jappo is Java preprocessor. It examines input files for preprocessor statements (i.e. macros) that are then interpreted, resulting in the alteration of the input content that is stored as target file.

Jappo is intended for preprocessing of java source files, but it can be use for other types of files, too.

Jappo preprocessor is designed to be open, modular and easy to extend.

Jappo may be used in two ways:
as Ant task, usually before javac task
from command line.

Jappo is free open-source software; use it under the terms of the BSD license.

JDK 1.4 is recomended for Jappo usage. However, Jappo is compilable with JDK 1.3 environments.

What's New in This Release:
very, very stupid bug fixed, Jappo now can create package folders (contributed by Alexander Veenendaal)

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