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License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
File size: 87K
Developer: A. Schiffler
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jasciimovie plays ASCII movies - sequences of digitized video converted into an ASCII representation - in a webbrowser via Java.

An ascii-movie is a plain text file of screens seperated by escape codes for clearing the screen (in hex notation 1B 5B 48 1B 5B 4A).

These ascii-movies can get produced by the asciivideo sample program that is
included with the "libbgrab" package by me.

The movie files have to be compressed with "gzip -9" which saves incredible
amounts of space.

Compilation and Usage:

- Prerequisites: JDK 1.1.x+ installed and in the path
- To compile type: make
- To test: fire up a java-capable browser with the file jasciimovie.html

See the file jasciimovie.html for how to incorporate the applet in your webpage.

Configurable parameters are: the filename (the movie file must be in the same directory as the .html file), the fontsize (usable are 8,10,12,14), a flag of the movies gets repeated at the end, the frame rate and the colors.

The program tries to center the ascii-movie within the applet.

A copyright message is beeing displayed for 2 seconds at the beginning of playback.

A sample movie (cfilm.txt.gz) is included - look at the file also with "zless cfilm.txt.gz" to see the individual frames.

Keep the image files


also in the same directory as the .html file.

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