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Java Lemonade Stand is a lemonade stand game

License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
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Developer: Jeff Chapman
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Java Lemonade Stand is a lemonade stand game. To play the game, click on the link below.

You are the sole proprietor of a lemonade stand in your front yard. Your parents were kind enough to knock together a booth and provide some initial capital and supplies.

You have three months to make as much money as possible. Placing money in the bank is a good idea. You earn interest.

The left side of the display contains four tabs (Prepare for Sale, Finances, Inventory, and Advertising) for managing your advertising and assets. The left side displays sales results and weather forecasts. Check the weather forecast then decide how much advertising to purchase, how many cups to make, and how much to charge. Press the Sell Lemonade button to see how you fared.

Prepare for Sale

Here you decide what quality of lemonade mix to use (Generic, Name Brand, or Premium), how many cups of lemonade to prepare, and how much to charge for each cup. Using a higher quality of lemonade will positively impact the price customers will pay and the number of cups they will purchase.


Your money is divided into working cash and a savings account. Purchases for supplies and advertising are deducted from your working cash. Profits from your lemonade sales will be added to your working cash. You can transfer money between your working cash and savings account. You will receive interest on your savings account at the end of each month. The interest is based on your average daily balance.


Your inventory consists of lemonade mix and cups. Buying in larger quantities is more cost-effective. You can only make and sell as much lemonade as you have mix and cups. Lemonade mix comes in different levels of quality: Generic, Name Brand, and Premium. Higher quality lemonade costs more.


Advertising helps to bring more customers to your stand. Notice that some types of advertising last multiple days while others only last for a day. Homemade signs last a variable period of time.


Weather has a significant impact on the number of customers that come to your stand and the amount that they will pay for your lemonade. You will receive a forecast for the next day's weather each day. This forecast is somewhat accurate but not 100% reliable. The eight types of weather are listed below.

Sunny and Scorching: Ideal conditions.
Sunny and Hot
Sunny and Warm
Party Sunny
Thunderstorms: Worst conditions.

Sales Results

Here you will see the weather for the day, the number of customers who visited your stand, the number of cups you sold, and your gross and net profit. You will also learn about any random events that might impact your business.

1.4 or greater

Java Lemonade Stand software is being released under the GNU General Public License.

What's New in This Release:
more random events
improved weather forecast accuracy
the ability to save and load games

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