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JEAN is computer software that can be used to make catalogs

License: Shareware
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Developer: Mike Curtis
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JEAN is computer software that can be used to make catalogs. Virtually anything that can be stored on or accessed from a computer can be organised with a JEAN catalog.

This gives the ability to organize your items into categories and groups, cross-categorize, cross-reference, index, search and all the other features you would expect from a high quality catalog system.

JEAN is highly tailorable and extensible so that it can easily be incorporated into larger systems.

30-day license

Java 1.4.2 or later


On a Linux/Unix machine the shellscript in the bin directory can be edited to include your chosen JEAN installation directory.

Alternatively the Java Runtime Environment can be run directly using the arguments given in either of the two script files.

The first time that JEAN runs you will be asked to fill in details of yourself and/or your company. This information is kept solely within JEAN and is used in the production of various forms of documents, such as invoices. It is possible to change or add this information later if required.

Whenever a completely fresh empty JEAN ObjectBase is run a splash screen is displayed giving a few hints as to how to start. This will not appear after the first change has been made, but may be accessed from the help menu. The JEAN help pages also give useful information and can also be accessed from the help menu.

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