Jimsim Network Simulator 1.1 review

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Jimsim Network Simulator project can emulate several routers connected via virutal networks

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Developer: Jimboney
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Jimsim Network Simulator project can emulate several routers connected via virutal networks. You can connect to the routers with your own favorite telnet program.

Connecting to the Virtual Routers

Use your favorite telnet program to connect to each of the virtual routers. For example:

For router 1 type:
C:>telnet localhost 10000
For router 2 type:
C:>telnet localhost 10001
For router 3 type:
C:>telnet localhost 10002

Network Layout

Currently the network is configured like this:

access-list [1-99] [permit/deny] [ ip wildcard-mask | host a.b.c.d | any ]
ip acccess-list [standard] [name]
ip access-group
show access-list
show ip interface
show ip interface brief
debug interface
encapsulation [hdlc,ppp] (serial interfaces only)
clock rate (serial interfaces)
interface loopback0

User commands:
ping ip
show cdp
show cdp neigh
show cdp neigh detail
show interface
show interface e0,eth0,etc
show ip route
show version

Enable commands:
clear counters
clear counters interface
config terminal
copy running startup
copy startup running
debug all
debug ip routing
debug ip eigrp
debug cdp
show run
show startup
show ip eigrp neighbors
show ip eigrp topology
traceroute ip
undebug all
undebug ip routing
undebug ip eigrp
undebug cdp

Config commands:
cdp run
enable password password
banner motd delimiter
banner exec delimiter
banner login delimiter
ip route network netmask dest
interface e0,eth0,etc
bandwidth value
ip address addr netmask
cdp enable
line con0, console0, console 0
login local
password passwd
router eigrp number
network a.b.c.d
service password-encryption
user username password password

The EIGRP support is very basic. Just the network command for now. (Neighbors don't expire.) You can disable EIGRP with "no router eigrp process_id"

The routing table isn't 100% correct. It doesn't summarize subnets. Nor does it understand multiple routes to the same destination. This will be fixed in the next version.

Traceroute seems to count extra hops. It's counting each remote interface on a router as a hop. So, when you traceroute from router1 to router3, it counts router2 twice (once for and

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